My name is Portia and I work with people of all ages to enhance their lives. I bet your wondering What makes me qualified to say this?


I went on my own journey 9yrs ago when I turned my life around from having a thyroid problem and depression to taking on my first Marathon in 2016 and now living a lifestyle I never imagined possible. I not only self healed, but I also found inner peace, I fell in love with myself and created a better sexual relationship for myself and my husband. Many of the things in my life that have changed, I was not even aware had a problem. It was with this new sense of self, I opened a whole new way of being and understanding myself.


So what changed for me to discover all of this? I went on a journey of self discovery, I found yoga, I attended courses in mindfulness, meditation, reiki, sexual healing, emotional wellbeing, nutrition and then coaching.


People started contacting me about my transition and it was not long before I was seeing life changing results from my clients.  I have now been coaching for the last 3 years in yoga and more recently emotional healing and empowerment. Clients have come to me with something they are looking to improve and have walked away with a new sense of self. Having the confidence to change all areas of their life. 


Living an average life is not my goal and should not be yours. We all have the potential to live our best life, in all areas. Having a great career does not mean you need to sacrifice your own wellbeing and having a loving and supportive relationship, does not mean you shouldn't still want independence and self fulfillment.


I welcome you to watch my yoga videos on YouTube


 @ Portia Oliver Yoga.   


If you want to make a change and start your own journey of transformation and self healing then please get in contact about one to one coaching. 




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