Mindfulness in Schools

I am so passionate about children using mindfulness and functional movement as part of their school day. As a Mother myself I have watched first hand the pressure on my own children and have been fortunate to work with children in schools and with parents at home, to see the benefits of using these techniques. 


Below you will find links to free downloadable worksheets you can use as a guide, this shows what flyers and booklets I am putting together for schools to introduce into their day.


I also have my book available via Amazon or you can order directly from me if you wanted a large quantity to use in schools.


I love working directly with schools to ensure I am meeting their own needs and requirements. I am able to personalise the programme with their school logo or mottos. Please get in contact to find out more. 


I would love your help in spreading the word. Let us change the way for the next generation!



  Functional Movement Download



  Mindfulness Activites Download










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