Expectation v's Reality!

Morning All!

I don't know about you, but I jumped in to 2019 full throttle and have not stopped for much air. Today I woke up feeling absolutely exhausted and I'm lucky enough to have learnt from past experiences that all I need to do is take it easy and listen to my body to get the best from it. One of the biggest things I learnt on my journey of self healing is to make time for myself, to understand what my body is telling me and to realise that nothing happens overnight, which inspired me to write today's blog. So here I am nestled on my sofa with a warming homemade turmeric latte (recipe below) with my little dog snuggled at my side.

When a new year begins there is so much expectation about setting goals for weight loss, what to change in 2019 to make it the best Year yet and you start visualising this huge transformation in time for the next New Years Eve! These goals are all great and having a plan is definitely going to benefit you. However, expectation should also be within reason. We didn't learn to walk overnight and every time we fell over our parents were not there to tell us we had failed in life, so why do we pile this expectation and pressure on our shoulders now?

There are many inspiring and motivational people, all with an array of ideas to help you get focused and to face up to what you need to change. All of these ideas and insights are helping people transform their lives every day, which is amazing. But what happens if you don't see results in the next two weeks? Do we start to worry about what people will say and start thinking we have failed ourselves? I used to struggle under this pressure, to self sabotage and begin thinking I wasn't the person I hoped I was and then I would allow myself to wallow in self pity. By the next New Years Eve I was the same old me with a new sense of low self worth. Then I found my perspective and it was a wake up call to realise it takes time, small changes and a bumpy journey to reach your goals.

When I started out in yoga I fell in and out of poses all the time (and still do sometimes). I could of easily decided, not for me and moved on but the practice taught me that every day things would be different, every day I would begin to understand more about myself and what I was trying to achieve and every day I would make little changes in my approach to get better. This is what pushed me further in my personal life and my business. I realised if I wanted to improve and grow I needed to first understand myself and what I wanted and then work on a plan of baby steps to help me get there. If along the way those steps changed, this was not a problem, as no journey is ever straightforward, you get held up where you least expect or you hit unforeseen congestion. So make a plan, expect the unexpected and just enjoy the ride.

I've made choices in my journey that at the time I felt were not right, but these were all lessons and looking back these gave me more insight into my bigger picture for 2019.

Enjoy everyone and I will see you on the other side. X

Tumeric Latte Recipe

Almond Milk - Mug quantity

1 teaspoon of Tumeric

Splash of honey

Warm together on the hob, grab a mug and enjoy

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