How do I love myself?

The biggest thing people ask me is how to love themselves......What's going on? Why do we not love ourselves?

Many people confuse self love with the ego. To love yourself and respect yourself does not mean you have a big ego, nor does it mean you are self centred and selfish. The trouble is, this is what we think others will think about us. People often say to me, you are so confident in your own skin, open and smiley. How can I be more like you?

I used to be someone who would separate myself from social events and even suffer from panic attacks in busy environments. I was nervous I would say something stupid or embarrass myself somehow. Where had this come from? Where had the confident child, without a care in the world (often found in a tree) gone?

I had let the world around me make me believe things about myself, I had let my energy be conflicted by other peoples thoughts. This was not my doing at all! I had to strip myself bare and ask myself some deep questions to establish this was not me.

When people ask me how to love themselves, I'm afraid it is not as easy as a quick yoga pose or to read a book on self love (although it all helps), but a journey of reflection and self discovery to find out what beliefs you are holding on to and why you are holding yourself back from enjoying being you.

We all have amazingly different personalities, different likes and dislikes. How one person reacts to a situation will be very different to how another person would. The best thing you can do is get to know yourself, get to understand your personality. What makes you tick, what excites you, what frustrates you, why you wake up every day and what's the last thing on your mind when you go to bed at night. This is you! This is the real you! This is the person you need to listen to, to respect and love.

Im an Aries and that means I am quite fiery and passionate about things. For years I disliked myself for this amazing quality. I thought I was demanding, hard work and probably annoyed most people. I just needed to learn to harness this energy and use it to my advantage. I use breathing exercises, yoga and chanting to control my fiery side in times of stress and my passion has been phenomenal in helping me build my business. I became proud of who I am and respected myself again. I realised how strong and determined I really was!

We all have qualities or stories that we don't like about ourselves, but these have got us to where we are today. We should hold our heads high and embrace every part of ourselves for who we are and what we bring to the world. Once we are comfortable with who we are, we then open ourselves up to connect with likeminded people and build a tribe around us of people we want to spend time with. You will watch as these people will want to support you and grow with you.

If this has resonated with you and you want to know more about getting in touch with yourself and waking up to self love, please contact me.


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