Making The Best Of It!

Do you ever get to breaking point and wonder how you are going to get through the next few days, weeks, hours? Well what do you do? We have to try and make the best of it!

One of the biggest things I have learnt lately is to turn a bad situation into a positive one. I know, easier said than done right! But these moments are life changers, they are actually giving you the opportunity to discover more about yourself, so you can learn and grow.

As I write todays blog I have to admit my day started pretty gloomy! I woke with a heavy head and feeling pretty tearful. I had to sit in my thoughts for a bit to understand why I was in this place and realised what I was feeling was loneliness. Sometimes all a girl wants is a cuddle and a smile to wake up to. I hit the mat and took some time to sit with my thoughts. I came back to my training and thought about how to make the best of it. I am missing some things in my life, but what does this loneliness give me? It gives me time! Time I can use to expand my knowledge, grow my business, practice my forearm balance or take a trip to the beach. Actually this loneliness offers me a lot more than I realised. I could chose to sit in my self pity or I could embrace all these new opportunities.

When we come to these moments of anger, frustration, loneliness or fear, we need to discover firstly why we are feeling this way. Maybe someone said something about you that you didn't like? Why did that make you feel bad? The reason it upset you will normally come down to the little voice in your head that thinks what they are saying could be true, or we just don't like to feel that people would think that of us. But this is where we take a moment, we stop and we reflect. I get a lot of positivity through social media, but I also get the negative comments occasionally too. I initially take them personally and think why would they think that about me, when they don't know me? It takes this moment of reflection to realise that's exactly it, they don't know me. They have their own problems, worries and concerns. They are making that comment as a way of releasing their own frustrations. But why do I take it personally? Because this is my vulnerability, I just want to be liked by everyone. So again the experience teaches me to work on letting go of that need of approval from everyone.

I have a friend that is going through a very difficult time at the moment and it feels as though at times the world is against her. We talk a lot about how she gets to choose between accepting this as her fate and allowing herself to sit in self pity, or using it to learn from the experience and finding her inner warrior to take back control of her life. Having been a victim in many situations, it is easier to play victim than it is to change her perspective and instead learn new ways of thinking and responding. By no longer seeing herself as the victim she will not only be happier, but she will stop attracting more of the same in the future.

We all need to give ourselves time to break down our challenges into bitesize pieces, to find the positive that could come from it. Im sure we all wish we had a magic wand and could move things forward without the need for the lesson, but then what fun would that be?

Stay positive X

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