What are your ingredients?

Have you ever heard the quote "We cannot become who we want to be by remaining who we are?" Well I totally disagree with this quote. In my mind who we are is exactly the person we need to be and we need to let go of all the external opinions we have picked up over the Years.

I have been reading a book lately about the impact other peoples words have on us as we grow up and how these words imprint on us our expectations of ourselves. These words can control who we are and who we become, but that doesn't mean we need to change who we are, we just need to find ourselves again and see what thoughts we are allowing to control us.

So before I head off down a long road of talking about self discovery and getting back in touch with yourself once again I will stop myself here and instead talk about a new concept, a new way of looking at yourself.

Lets imagine its time to make dinner, if your like me you stand in front of the fridge, freezer and then cupboards trying to come up with some magic that will take place in the kitchen. It can be so hard to look past a ready made meal sat in front of you. The ease of taking off the wrapping and popping it into the oven or microwave and voila dinner is done. But what has gone into this food? We have no idea. Someone else has put everything together for us and we have put our faith in this coming out exactly as we hope.

This is what we have done with ourselves. As the years have passed, we have taken ingredients from all different sources and wrapped ourselves in a neat little parcel and served ourselves up to the world.

Imagine for a moment you decided to turn over the box and look at the fine print ingredients. What is in there that scares you because you can't even pronounce it? What thoughts and memories do you hold inside you that definitely do not relate to you and what you are capable of?

Let's take this back to the basics now. What ingredients, what parts of yourself do you love? If that's too stronger word, then like about yourself? Are you a little bit spicy at times or are you warming and nurturing? Are you a herb to be relied on? A good all rounder? What about your foundation? Whats your recipe based on? Are you a strong dish or something more light and refreshing? Maybe your a layered dish with a soft and inviting top layer to the eye, but underneath something much bolder and flavoursome. Maybe something wild and creative!

This is a great way to understand your own personal characteristics and appreciate all the many flavours you really have to offer the world.

I would personally compare myself to vegetarian chilli, full of different flavours, a little bit firey and adventurous at times, but my aim is to bring comfort and warmth. If you were to ask my family they would probably say I am more like a bowl of granola, always there when you need it and a little bit nutty!

Today's takeaway......What recipe are you? Id love to hear what you come up with, so please share!

All this talk of food has made me hungry, I'm off now to make my new favourite banana salad. Its not for everyone, but I love it. Please find my recipe below:

1 Banana sliced

Spinach leaves handful

Sliced cucumber, red pepper and carrot sticks.

Little tomatoes


1 tablespoon of Kefir yogurt

1tsp of dijon mustard

1tsp lemon juice

Salt and pepper to taste.

To finish sprinkle over berries and seeds.

Full of goodness.....enjoy X

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