What's My Secret?

So many people reach out to me asking me what's the secret behind my body and wellbeing, so I decided this week to do a short video explaining more. It all has to start with a commitment to yourself!

Don't get me wrong I love a bit of self indulgence and only last night I was sat watching Sleepless in Seattle whilst eating white chocolate ice cream and believe me when I tell you this is definitely good for the soul. But we have to bring it back to what we are doing most of the time? Are you making sure that 90% of the time you are eating the things you should be eating? Do you know the best things to eat? There is so much conflicting news, so what does work?

People have this false belief that yoga is just stretching, when in fact the small repetitive movements work on the smaller muscles groups and help tone and define the body, as well as stimulate the blood flow and metabolism. If you keep up a regular practice you will soon see and feel the benefits.

Topped off with a little self love, gratitude and quiet time, no other form of exercises brings so many health benefits!

Many other methods of exercise add yoga to the end, but you don't see a yoga teacher adding a 5min sprint finish. Although there is yoga with goats and drinking wine, so who knows!

Honestly the reason I'm a good advert for yoga is because it changed my life and I want it to change yours...........

You have just got to want it to as well!


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