Who Do You Live For?

Many people contact me initially for yoga advice, but when we get talking it becomes obvious that yoga is just the catalyst. People actually want to find themselves, to take back control of their lives and understand what is their purpose.

It is amazing that when we start to look inwards we realise we haven't been living for ourselves, but instead for others. People have offloaded their baggage onto us, some people have put expectations on us and we have become machines to routine and structure. We tick the boxes we are supposed to and fulfil the roles that our expected of us. Then one day we sometimes go rogue and embrace our wild side, we might just tick outside the box for once.

I love it when someone comes to me and tells me they just need help with one thing, maybe to get more flexible or improve strength and then as we work together and they open up, we both quickly realise its not that what has bought us together. Yoga is everywhere now and more people are attracted to the idea of starting a journey on the mat. People often end their practice with a wave of emotion, as they quickly discover it is so much more than just a form of exercise.

When I met with Rebecca, we went through a series of questions that she struggled to answer and believe me, she is not alone. It is hard to look at your life, especially at the smaller details. As we grow up we are led by our parents, by our teachers and by our employers, we are inspired by our role models and encouraged by our friends. But who are we? We are never told to look inside and to look at our lives. If anything we are told to brush over things and just get on with it.

When you look in the mirror, do you like the person that looks back at you? Do you know who they are and what they want? When we start a conversation with ourselves about weightloss and exercise, is this really for us? When we start thinking of changing our job or car, is this really what we want? What is really making these choices?

Many of us compare ourselves to people on social media, thinking they have the perfect life, perfect body or perfect home. But we all know in our heart this is not real life. You can not really see into someones life from a photograph, especially as we all share the best photos and our happiest memories.

The reason we compare ourselves to others is because we do not know who we are!

Over the last 3 Months working with Rebecca I have watched and listened to how her life decisions have changed. She works hard at not allowing herself to get consumed by life and is still learning to turn her attention inward. She has realised that by slowing down she is able to make the right decisions for her. Rebecca is still in the same job and has the same friends, so it is not about distancing yourself from the world you are in. She is however, much more in tune with how things make her feel and how to act as a response.

In the past I would look in the mirror and see a blank canvass looking back at me, I had no idea who I was. Yes I had titles and responsibilities, but what did I like doing and what made me feel alive? Learning to love myself and awaken my inner desires was such an adventure and this is still a journey of self discovery for me, as I introduce myself to new things as often as I can.

I hope by sharing Rebeccas story you will see that it is not what is on the outside, but the inside that really counts.

Keep growing lovely people XX

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