Who Would Have Thought?

I’ve been so lucky over the last 10 days to come over to England and catch up with old friends and clients. 7 Months ago a few people I left behind were caught up in a web of mental challenges, emotional battles and suffering with illness. It’s been wonderful to reconnect with these people and see how their journeys have unfolded.

I have had my own emotional battles over the Years and how we think about these things is actually much more important than the challenge itself. It’s taken me years to discover this and work through self healing techniques and releasing negative blocks. I watch now first hand how people dump the blame on themselves for all manner of things and hold onto this negative emotional energy. Why? What benefit do we get from making ourselves feel bad? Will the situation improve as a result? Of course not. The best way to move forward is to accept what is in front of you, release any emotional attachment to it (I know sounds easier than it actually can be) then take every new day as it comes.

What I have seen this week is people take on this approach and although their lives didn’t necessarily go where they thought they were going, instead other wonderful things took place and they ended up with an even better result. The best part is, they learnt a new way of coping with negative situations and as a result grew in strength and have a new way of looking at life.

I am so grateful for the challenges I faced and still do, as each one teaches me something new about myself. I would love to say that once you have found this inner peace you never have problems again. The reality is there is a lot ahead of each and everyone of us. So take a moment today to sit, to breath, to appreciate and to accept. Learn the lessons you can from your journey and spread the love of sharing this with others, who knows who you will help as a result.

Im travelling back to Spain over the next few days and I’m so grateful to all of you I got to catch up with. I am super excited to see all of you that plan to join me for my retreat in May, otherwise hope to be back in the Uk again soon. Mojacar.....I can’t wait to be back!

Have a a wonderful weekend and make time for stillness ❤️

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